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New Archives #4 'Souto de Moura' - 25.05.19

Archives Journal is a Spanish based monographic architecture magazine founded in 2017. They established themself quickly as one of the finest periodicals around with an impressive run of 3 issues devoted to young, progressive offices: Flores & Prats, Bearth & Deplazes and Ghent-based Devylder Vynck Tailleu.

In this light, issue 4 is rather surprising: built around the work of Eduardo Souto de Moura, it takes one of today’s most acclaimed architects as its central theme.

In the tradition of a+u magazine's longtime collaboration with Fabian Ong, Archives journal strives for a continuous look through the eyes of the same photographer, Juan Rodriguez, with the idea of establishing a relationship between the different issues of the magazine.

Rodriguez has photographed nine of Souto de Moura’s most recent projects. From the Hotel and Catering School in Portalegre, till the unfinished power plant in Alijo, Douro. His intimate Vatican Chapel, commissioned by the Vatican City for the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2018 (and awarded with the Golden Lion for best project) is included as well.

Lastly, Souto de Moura has made a small but interesting contribution to Archives #4 with ’24 images collected’; a collage of portraits, seemingly random.
We recognize that other protagonist of postwar Portuguese architecture, Alvaro Siza, off course, but even writers (Rimbaud, Pessoa), painters (Cézanne or Klee), Jazz figures (Miles Davis, Glenn Gould) and architects like Ledoux, Schinkel or Jacques Herzog. An intruiging collection, in an essay by Carlos Quintáns referred to it as his “santhinhos, his saints who with their work have really modified his way of seeking and thinking. And it’s also a testimony to Souto de Moura as a tireless and obsessive reader, book buyer and permanent traveller.

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